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What is a Hikikomori?

And how is a Hikikomori different from an Otaku?

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Hikikoromi is a medical Japanese word that means drawing inward or confining oneself, and is mostly linked to PTSD as the primary cause.  And even though the two may sound like the same thing, and technically they are the same thing, the primary thing that makes a Hikikormori different from an Otaku is their reason for keeping themselves in the house.  For an Otaku, it's the enjoyment of his hobby.  For a Hikikormori, it's the desire to get away from people and society.  This means that even though an Otaku spends most of his time in his home, he still goes out of his house for things like work, school, shopping, hanging with friends, and so on whereas a Hikikomori does not.

Image of a Hikikomori

What creates a Hikikomori is that, not only Japan but pretty much all Asian countries put so much pressure on boys to become big successes, that the boy eventually can't take it anymore and gives up.  Sound familiar?  Well that's because this same exact problem is also what creates NEETs, which is the more positive outcome whereas Hikikormoris is the negative outcome.  And it's quite impossible to talk about Hikikomois without bringing up NEETs because it's pretty much a requirement that you have to be a NEET in order to be a Hikikomori.  After all, a Hikikomori still needs to make a living, and being a NEET is pretty much the only way he can do so while staying away from people and society.

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